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Concrete in Owings, Mechanicsville, and Holloywood, Maryland


Ready-Mix Concrete Division

  • Maryland SHA & NRMCA Fleet, Plant, & Personnel Certified
  • American Concrete Institute Certified Technicians
  • Maryland SHA & NRMCA Certified Concrete Technicians
  • NRMCA Certified Concrete Technologists



Residential Construction

  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Driveway Blue-Ribbon Mixes
  • Stamped Concrete Mixes
  • Footing, Wall, Slabs, Sidewalk Mixes
  • Many more interior, exterior, and economical concrete mixes to suit your needs

Commercial Construction

  • High-early Strength
  • Flowable Fill and Grout
  • Lightweight Concrete
  • Variety of High Performing Mixes

Concrete Additives

We offer a full line of concrete additives to meet all job requirements:

  • Fiber Reinforcement
  • Dyes
  • Air-Entrainment
  • Water Reducers
  • High-Range Water Reducers
  • Accelerators(Chloride and Non-Chloride)
  • Concrete Set-Retarders
  • Concrete Sealers
  • Color



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Howlin Concrete has 2 conveniently located ready-mix concrete plants in Mechanicsville and Owings.

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